Bali Cycling - Bali Cycling Adventures is an adventure by descends the hilly land to see village, Hindu Temple, and Balinese house compound

Bali Cycling Adventures is an exciting adventure by paddling the mountain bicycle descends the hilly land, turning to enter the Balinese rural and see natural atmosphere of the village with the social society life, friendly and full of religious. Visit the holy building or Hindu Temple, Balinese house compound will be coloring this adventure, The smile and the friendliness from villagers and the charming children will always greet you in this adventure. The experiences to see the Bali Beauty Mountain or the beautiful village which have a lot of captivating heart to experience this adventure. You will earn the full services with air-conditioning car transfer, delicious lunch, safety equipments, professional cycling guide and comfortable using of mountain bike that will complete your experience.

Who can do this adventure?

Service is a top priority in this adventure, with professional cycling guide, safety equipments and comfortable using of mountain bike that will provide comfort to guests. So, for those aged 7-65 years with good physical health can do these activities.

Important: There are a few companies doing this activities. Please choose according to your convenience and please do not hesitate to contact us if there information that we provide is not clear.

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