Bali Elephant Camp

Bali Elephant Camp
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Bali Elephant Camp have a very natural adventures like passing forests that make this activities will gives additional value for them who doing elephants riding here
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Activities to be conducted:

Transportation is very important in all the activities to be carried out. For this activities includes hotel transfers, from pick-up until drop back again by air conditioning transportation.


A lot of people are still asking questions about how to ride the elephant. There is provided a place for the chair on the back of the elephant to seat and can be used by a maximum of three people.


Bali Elephant Camp Company has a good track to do these activities, there are will passing a plantation, forest and they has rice paddy view also. The elephant will take you to the pool, together doing some attraction.


You will enjoy doing this activity by joining Bali Elephant Camp. The duration for this activity about 6-7 hours, on elephant it is about 30 minutes for short track and about 1 hour for long track.

What the activity look like?

Bali Elephant Camp transportation will pick you up from your lobby hotel, than drive to the location. After enjoying the drive, be welcomed to Bali Elephant Camp with a refreshing welcome drink at the Trunk and Mahout valley-view café. Watch the elephants enjoy their morning or afternoon bath and then meet the Head Mahout to learn about the daily life of a Sumatran elephant as the elephants get saddled-up for the Explorer or Adventure treks. Elephant will also show you his/her pool as he wades through the water to cool off from the hot sun. in this activities you can chose by doing short or long track. The duration on elephant is about 30 minutes for short track and 1 hour for long track.

Pick up: Morning 07.30-08.00, Midday 09.30-10.00, Afternoon 11:30-12:00 and 13:00-13:30
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