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Upon arrival in the location, you will be treated to appetizers beverages like coffee or tea and some snacks Balinese. Each participants are required fill out a form of insurance. After all filled, you will be invited to wear standard rafting equipment such as helmet, paddle, and life jacket. Waterproof bags will be supplied by the rafting guides and you are welcome to put items that you will take over the river. Before starting rafting, all participants will be briefed on the conditions around and some code that you must understand and follow during rafting.


In the middle of your journey across the river Telaga Waja, you will be invited to stop for a moment to rest while enjoying the view of a beautiful waterfall. Green landscape of rice terraces around the river you can also enjoy the same time. Here is your chance to take a picture through your own camera to capture this incredible experience.


Shortly before the finish wading Telaga Waja river, you will plunge altitude of approximately 3.5 meters which is often called the "Bajing Dam". It is the most awaited of this journey through the Telaga Waja river. You will scream loudly as it passes through this place. photographer of Alam Amazing Adventures will always be ready to capture your images as it passes through this place.

What the activity look like?

Alam amazing Adventure rafting provide quality service which is amazing. With rafting guides are professional and very experienced, will always keep and guide you through the Telaga Waja river wading along 16 kilometers. Flow and the clear waters of Telaga Waja River increasingly make your holiday will never be forgotten.

Alam Amazing Adventure is a rafting company on the Telaga Waja river is quite popular today. Striking with a bright yellow color that is very easily recognizable. Amazing natural surroundings maintain rafting dedicated to donating a percentage of income from this activity. Certainly, not only pleasure, a new experience, or a different atmosphere that you will experience, but you also participate to help sustain the environment naturalness Telaga Waja River area.

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