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Bali Zoo Park is opened to the public in 2002. Nowadays they have more than 350 animals were located in the area of 22 hectare zoo. The species of animal they have mostly come from Indonesia such as deer, Sumatran tiger, lions, Sumatran elephants and various species of birds. Visit Bali Zoo certainly give you more value. A lot of interesting things about the life of animals in Indonesia and in the world that can increase knowledge. It is also beneficial for children early age to increase their insight.


In Bali Zoo Park you can see a wide variety of animals and birds are charming, beside it you can increase your knowledge about the animals comes from Indonesia. If you visit here with family to bring the child is still a toddler, visiting to this place is the right choice. In this zoo your family can take a picture together with the animals directly.


Bali Zoo Park is also provided activities elephant riding around in around the zoo. Other activities that can be done at this place are for those who like to climb, here in the arena to provide treetop. With swinging in the trees with adequate tools so that will make the devotees feel safe.

What the activities look like?

The activities will begins with pick you up by Bali Zoo Park transportation shuttle from the hotel lobby approximately 1 hour drive from Ngurah Rai airport to the location. Arrive at Bali Zoo Park, you will be get a map of the Zoo. You can surround the zoo with the experience that will be never forgotten because could be very close to a variety of pets zoo's like Sumatran tigers, lions, crocodiles, deer and can take pictures of the most impressive and varied, directly with the lion, bird during the sessions of animal shows and animal encounter. A lunch will serve at the restaurant inside the zoo itself. After finish all of them they will take you back to the Hotel on where you stay.

Bali Zoo Park located closed by Bali Bird and Reptile Park it is in singapadu village, and sukawati Sub district. Situated in the cultural heart of Bali, the zoo is only 15 minutes drive from Ubud, and 45 minutes from the tourist areas of Kuta, Tuban, Legian and Seminyak. The sandy white beaches of Sanur are only 20 minutes' drive away or a 1 hour drive from Nusa Dua Resort. In the zoo they has Mammals, Reptiles, Aves, Amazing Birds like: Bali Starling, Cassowary, Bird of Paradise, Hornbill, Peacock, and many other Asian Birds.  The activity take the participant to see all animal Bali Zoo collected at the park, Kids can experience touching and hand-feed some of our domestic animals (rabbit, baby deer, horse). Get hand to hand experience with our family and take picture with lions, binturong, crocodile, eagle, snake and much more.

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