Bali White Water Rafting

Bali White Water Rafting is spectacular experience on the great water rafting with amazing panorama of riverbank and surrounding area. Bali White Water Rafting offers you a chance to join this exciting water adventures. The river rapid will bring you on the fun experience during your vacation in Bali. It is located at two famous river in Bali where give more choice to join this fun water rafting at Ayung River in Ubud and Telagawaja River at Karangasem regency. Both of river providing the great water adventure with the beautiful scenery and landscape and also the original nature a long of river. Some of rafting companies with the professional river guide serve you on this tour which has been selected as the recommendation rafting company like Alam Amazing adventure, Bali International Rafting, and  Ayung River Rafting.

Tracing the river with its wild and original nature can make ourselves as if we are in the real jungle of paradise. The spring-fed of the river flows down through wild tropical jungle, passes towering trees and vines can create a thrilling beginner class rafting course. 

Important: In Bali there are two great rivers for water activities there is Ayung River and Telaga Waja River, both of that river have  own uniqueness to make your holiday in Bali Is memorable one. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there information that we provide is not clear.

Telaga Waja River

Telaga Waja River is a place where you get to experience challenging of white water rafting. Approximately takes about 1.5 hours journey to reach this location. White water rafting is the most popular activities that you can try in this place. Famous for clean water, the longest (distances between 12-16 km) and has fast current (rapid class is 3-4) would give a different impression, fun and challenging adrenaline but still safe for anyone interested in doing river rafting at Telaga Waja.

Alam Amazing Adventures

alam amazing adventuresAlam Amazing Adventures rafting company is already well-known, especially in serving anyone to do river rafting in Telaga Waja. Alam Amazing Adventures brings you to wade through all the Telaga Waja river 16 kilometers, so it makes you happy doing this activity. Please see the details of this activity HERE

Bali International Rafting

bali international raftingBali International rafting is one of the companies that are doing these activities in Telaga Waja River. With amazing views of the river, the water flowing down from the mountains in the eastern part of the island of Bali makes it more challenging adventure. Its cool weather will pass through the cliffs provide a fantastic experience adventure rafting on the river. Besides it Bali international rafting also will stops in a beautiful waterfalls with splashing contained in them, makes a very nice place to take pictures. This company will serve you wholeheartedly and serves a very tasty lunch also. Please see the details of this activity HERE

Sobek Rafting

sobek raftingAs the first company to do activities rafting in Bali, making Sobek Rafting is very popular among tourists visiting Bali. This company has experienced more than 20 years of rafting adventure in Bali. The distance of the river they use about 12 KM from the start point to the finish point and all the rafting guide who is very good at controlling the raft is one of the advantages of this company. Arrival at the finish point you will have lunch with international buffet menu. Please see the details of this activity HERE

Ayung River

Ayung River is the second longest river in Bali in use for rafting activities, the distances of Ayung river between 9-10 km from the start point to the finish point, the rapid class is 2-3. Ayung River is very suitable for white water to those who want to see the canyon, because on the right and on the left side of the river is canyon.

Ayung River Rafting

ayung river raftingAs a company that does activities rafting on the Ayung River with the class rapid is 2 - 3 will give disproportionately experience for your holiday in Bali. Although the path to the start point is rather steep, Ayung River is very popular for doing rafting by the tourists who come to Bali to try it in this place. the distance of the river in use by the company about 9 KM takes about 2 hours, you will be pampered with spectacular views of the cliffs are on the right and left sides of the river. You will pass several waterfalls cascading from the cliffs also. Please see the details of this activity HERE

Bali Adventure Tour

bali adventures tourBali Adventure Tour is one company that is very famous rafting company in Bali. This company has a very well maintained rafting equipment, guides who will guide you in a rafting activities is also very experienced so that you will be very safe if doing rafting on the Ayung river by joining this company. If you join the company you are going through about 600 stairs from the office to the start point for the rafting, upon arrival at the finish point you will climb the slopes of the ridges are found there. Will provide lunch at a very nice, they provide a buffet lunch. Please see the details of this activity HERE



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