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Adventure that will be done

The Cycling Guide Will give you A brief information about Local Situation like condition track will Passing. In this place they provided all the Safe and well-maintenance Cycling equipment like Helmet, glove, safety bag, rain coat and bicycles.


In This Cycling Adventure Will see a hectare of coffee and cocoa plantation, the atmosphere of unspoiled countryside and fresh air will add to the appeal of this adventure.


Temple is one of the Holy places for Hindu religion, in this adventure will get a chance to look more closely at this Holy building.


Very different from houses building in the city areas, in this adventure will see the traditional buildings of rural communities are still dominated by Cultural.


Very beautiful scenery of rice fields will complement this adventure.

What the adventure look like?

Bali Bintang Cycling will start From Kintamani, nestled high on a volcanic crater rim, where you will enjoy a morning tea or coffee. Than The guides leading at a leisurely pace along the tranquil, less traveled roads through the traditional villages and varied landscapes of Bali. Along the way, we stop to visit a traditional Balinese houses compound, Hindu temple and a lot of stop point to enjoy the tour. An escort with the air conditioning vehicles awaits and ready to take you to an extravagant buffet lunch before returning to your hotel. The adventure will be ending once you arrive at your hotel.

Bali Bintang Cycling is organized by a number of professional Cycling Company. They are fun, witty, energetic, mature and responsible in their jobs. Bintang Mountain Cycling is had a unique exciting cycling adventure and takes you to the trace area of Kintamani. Bali Bintang Cycling is a rare opportunity to see the real Bali, a peacefully exhilarating downhill cycling experience through the quiet village back roads. Cycling Tour with Bali Bintang Cycling Is Best ways for route of the beaten track and gives you a totally different view on Bali then the average tourist have. Cycling with Bali Bintang Cycling is an exciting adventure with unique experience and completes your vacation   ensure is memorable one.

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