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  • Barong And Keris Dance Perfomances
  • Kecak or Fire Dance perfomances
  • Bali Bird Park
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How To Visit Batubulan Village

Batubulan Village is strategically located in the center of Bali Map so some of tour arrangements insert it into their program like:

  • Ubud Village Tour,
  • Kintamani Tours,
  • Besakih Temple Tour,


History Of Batubulan Village

The Beginning traditional village of Batubulan is one of the most rural agricultural populations that have more expertise in the field of sculpture. With Relying on this potential and is also an open-minded community with local, national, and global, then this Traditional village developed into a tourist destination in Bali. Batubulan located 8 KM from Denpasar, very strategic location make this village is unbelievably popular nowadays. Entomologist of Batubulan name is taken from the words: Batu and Bulan.

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