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Why book with us?

  • Cheap
    Our discount hotel rates can be up to 75% lower than walk-in rate.
  • Quick
    With our Instant confirmation system, you can check room availability and make an online reservation round the clock, make your holiday arrangement and experience the convenient and stress-free.
  • Secure Site
    Our secure server encrypts all of your personal information (including name, address, credit card number and travel itinerary) so that it cannot be read by others.
  • BE Bali Foundation
    With make the hotel reservation with us, then you go "lend a hand" together us provide a little help for the elderly, for education, reforestation, and environmental hygiene. We have a purpose and a sincere heart to help. Therefore, we promised to give 25% profit to help others.

BE Bali Tour is always trying to provide the best service to make it easier for travelers to find hotels, Villas, and kind places to stay when traveling. Besides providing information about the tourist attractions in the island of Bali, BE Bali Tour also provides activities that can be enjoyed such as:

Hotel reservations is one of our newest products, here we collect some popular villas, hotels, resorts, inns and many more that offer various advantages. You will get a discount up to 75% of the walk-in rate of the hotel. Become partnership with which is the biggest site for hotels reservations in the world is a better value in our new products.

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