Bali Buggy Riding

Bali Buggy Riding are the most challenging adventures to explore the pure natures of Bali with tropical atmosphere surround it. The adventure will bring you to the exciting experiences by driving special vehicle of Buggy to penetrate obstacles such as muddy ground, the bushes, little river and etc. The vehicles are specially designed for hard track which are very easy to use in wet condition, muddy and reliable control to maneuver jumps. These adventures offer you the great opportunity to experience free driving in the pure tropical nature with beautiful panorama surround it. You have the choice to drive the vehicle on your personal single drive or tandem with your partner.

Who can do this adventure?

Service is a top priority in this adventure, with professional Buggy Ride guide, safety equipments and comfortable using of Buggy ride that will provide comfort to guests. So, for those aged 7-65 years with good physical health can do these activities.

Important: There are a few companies doing this activities. Please choose according to your convenience and please do not hesitate to contact us if there information that we provide is not clear.

Bali Discovery Tour

Buggy RideBali Quad tours or Bali Discovery Tours bring you to a part of Bali where you still can find old traditions alive. You will drive by yourself with a specially designed off road car or 4-wheel motorcycle that copes with all kinds of terrain through an authentic part of Bali, passing rice fields, crossing jungle and driving through some Balinese kampongs (villages). Please see the details of this adventure  HERE


See Bali Adventure

Buggy Ride See Bali AdventuresSee Bali Adventures offers you the exciting Buggy Driving adventures to explore the pure nature and agriculture at Tengkudak Village,sub-district Penebel, Tabanan regency, approximately 60 miles from the Ngurah Rai airport. The adventures will bring you to the exciting experience by starting off road in the muddy ground and continue to magnificent journey to break through the numerous of challenges. The professional and well trained staff will lead you to discover the most interesting site in Tabanan Regency as the biggest rice sources for Bali Island. Please see the details of this adventure  HERE


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