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Adventure that will be done

The Cycling Guide Will give you a brief information about Local Situation like condition track will Passing. In this place they provided all the Safe and well-maintenance cycling equipment like Helmet, glove, safety bag, rain coat and bicycles.


Alam Adventure Cycling will invite you to see hectares of coffee and cocoa plantation, the atmosphere of unspoiled countryside and fresh air will add to the appeal of this adventure.


Temple is one of the Holy places for Hindu religion, in this adventure will get a chance to look more closely at this Holy building. Cycling guides will also explain some of the things we need to know about bali temple.


Very different from houses building in the city areas, here we will see the traditional buildings of rural communities are still dominated by Cultural.


We will pass scenic rice fields as vast open our minds about the beauty of this earth. This area is the last track to be traversed.

What the adventure look like?

Alam Adventure Cycling will start from picking you up at your hotel resident and drop in at Kintamani for a tasty morning tea overlooking to Batur Lake and the volcanic smoke plumes of Mount Batur. The experience starts circling downhill by Modern Mountain bikes to quite villages that expose the hearth of Bali. Along the path of sleepy villages, local farmers cultivate their rice field and mother brings their children to the road by waving their hands as a welcome greeting. Frequently stops for awhile to observe the temples. The shady plantations and picturesque villages give rare insight into the traditional life style. This Adventure are not a race experience, just ride your bike, light pedaling, and easy gear shifting, with smooth suspension. The instructors or Cycling Guide will help you navigate your bike in a true off-road track to 2, 5 to 3 hours exploring the nature. An escort with the air conditioning vehicles awaits and ready to take you to an extravagant buffet lunch before returning to your hotel. The adventure will be ending once you arrive at your hotel.

Alam Adventure Cycling is one Cycling company in Bali that had a unique exciting cycling adventure and takes you to the trace area of Kintamani, descends downwards and steps into the rural area with its traditional Balinese life and passes through the green rice field with very beautiful panorama. This impressive mountain cycling adventure will come to a hectare of coffee and cocoa plantation, native village with plural life, breath taking at river valleys, jungle forest and exotic green rice field. Cycling with Alam Adventure Cycling is an exciting adventure with unique experience and completes your vacation in Bali.

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